Global Career & Aptitude Discovery

Using the YouScience psychometric test, the Global Career & Aptitude Discovery program will help students define their talents and match their aptitudes to educational and career pathways that fit their profile. Students will engage in 1:1 sessions with our counseling team to analyze their test results, create an extracurricular and academic plan, and map out ways to achieve their dream global future. 

5 hrs of coursework over 3 months
Self-paced online coursework with three 1:1 live sessions with an American counselor and follow-up sessions with local counselor.
Grades 8-10

YouScience Discovery Psychometric Testing

Students begin this course by completing the YouScience Discovery psychometric test. Students simply take a series of brain games to discover their aptitudes, interests, and matching best-fit careers. Careers they never knew or thought possible! YouScience uses 50 years of scientific proof and proprietary algorithms to unlock student career success.

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High School and College-level Courses

1:1 Session - Test Analysis 

After students have completed the YouScience Aptitude & Discovery psychometric test, our counseling team will book the first 1:1 live session to review the results of the test and what it means for a student’s future. 

1:1 Session – The Extracurricular & Academic Plan 

After the first session, students will complete online lessons that will not only establish a link between their newly discovered aptitudes, working styles, and best-fit careers, but also help them better understand the importance of goals setting and the best practices for setting ambitious, yet attainable goals for themselves.

After reflecting on these lessons, students will take part in a 1:1 counseling session to help them create an Extracurricular and Academic Plan that aligns with their aptitudes and personal goals. 

Earn a dual diploma
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1:1 Session – Scoping a Plan for a Global Future 

After students have gained insight into their personal aptitudes and talents and understood how to match them to education and career pathways it’s time to start creating a plan to achieve their dreams! In this session, our counseling team will outline ideas and themes to consider when preparing for global university admissions and future international careers. 


Understand the impact of personal aptitudes
Learn what tasks may be easy or difficult
Get tips on how to maximize personal aptitudes at school, work and in social activities
Find the top 3 interest categories and what they mean for career choice
Get insight into how to most positively interact with others
Receive a tutorial on how to discover more online through YouScience including: 500+ Potential Careers, Fit Analysis for each career, a Majors Discovery Tool, and a Personal Discussion Training Guide
Create an extracurricular and academic plan that aligns with personal aptitudes and goals
Discover counseling plans that can help build a dream Global Future