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Global Career Certificate

The Global Career Certificate offers students a basic understanding of the building blocks for a global career. Students will hear from North American university and business leaders on what they look for in a candidate and work with their Global Opportunity Advisor on how to follow their interests. In addition, students will also be given access to a unique global university guidance curriculum.

10 hrs of coursework, over 5 months
Self-paced online coursework with 5 live group sessions with American counselors/mentors and follow up support from local counselors
Grades 8-10

LIVE Online Seminars

In LIVE online seminars, international students will engage with North American university and business leaders on the importance of global experience. Students will learn about the future of work, global citizenship, and how to build their soft skills to prepare for a global career.

LIVE Online Seminars
Global Opportunity LIVE Advising Sessions

Global Opportunity Advisor LIVE Sessions 

Included in the Global Careers Certificate (GCC) are two LIVE sessions with the Global Opportunity Advisor. In the first session, students will receive an orientation to the course, a tutorial on how to navigate the GCC platform as well as how to book counseling appointments.  In the second session, the advisor will introduce students to global opportunities that match their interests and paint a vision for how these opportunities can help them achieve a global future. 

Access to Global University Guidance

Included in the this certificate program is a self-paced global university guidance curriculum. Students and parents can review content related to university admissions at global universities, which includes the application process, selecting a university and the scholarship process. 


Evolve in the understanding of global citizenship & its relevance as a learner now and in future careers 
Utilize effective cross-cultural communication in personal, educational and business settings
Develop strategies to assess and respond to cultural similarities and differences when approaching others 
Apply critical thinking and problem-solving skills to a variety of situations 
Relate course learning to future situations in the university or career environment
Gain insight into how to achieve a global career