Global University Profile Building

In our Global University Profile Building program students build their extracurricular & academic university admission profile through 1:1 advising sessions with expert American counselors. Students also have the ability to add on distinct global education opportunities such as online coursework, virtual internships and a custom summer study abroad advising service. 

Throughout grades 9 & 10
6 live 1:1 sessions with American Counselor
Bimonthly 1:1 check-ins by local counselor
Grades 9-10

Showcase Your Talents

After gaining insight in understanding how personal aptitudes relate to potential education and career pathways, it’s time to start building an individual profile for university admission. Universities value a student’s ability to demonstrate their passions through both academic and extracurricular experiences. To be successful at building a university profile, it is important to show deep interest in fewer things rather than having limited experience in everything. In our Global University Profile Building Program, we will work with students in the early part of their high school career to identify ways to truly showcase their talents, interests, and passions to demonstrate how they will be an asset to any global university.


Understand the admissions landscape competitiveness
Understand how applicants differentiate themselves
Discover how to research universities
Gain multiyear guidance on extracurriculars & summer opportunities
Create goal setting plan for both academics & extracurriculars
Create a testing plan

Add-On Global Education Opportunities

High School and College-level Courses

Our counseling team has carefully vetted quality online Advanced Placement (AP), high school and university credit-bearing courses appropriate for international students. Taking international coursework not only expands horizons, it also demonstrates a student’s unique academic interests.

Remote work experience

Virtual Internships

Students can participate in virtual internships from their home country to develop their skills in their chosen field. Participating students will be grouped into small teams and paired with global corporations and non-profit organizations to acquire valuable, real-world work experience and skills.

Custom Summer Abroad Counseling Service

Our counselors have carefully vetted unique North American summer study abroad experiences that will help students showcase their interests and make them more competitive for university admissions. Our team will match a student’s goals with available programs and assist students with the application and interview process. Destinations include competitive programs at Ivy League universities such as Columbia University and the University of California, Davis.